Mvc get with parameters

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Mvc get with parameters

Home Categories. Net MVC. Net MVC Razor. You can download it from here. Download and install Northwind Database.

Entity Framework Model. Once the Entity Framework is configured and connected to the database table, the Model will look as shown below. Note : For beginners in ASP. It covers all the information needed for connecting and configuring Entity Framework.

The CustomerModel class consists of the following property. Web API Controller. Then give it a suitable name and click OK. In order to do so open Global. Configure WebApiConfig. Register. Make sure you add it in the same order as shown below.

RegisterAllAreas. RegisterRoutes RouteTable. Routes. The records of the Customers are fetched using Entity Framework and are filtered using the StartsWith function based on the value of the Name property. Finally, the records are returned as Generic List Collection. This method is decorated with Route attribute which defines its Route for calling the Web API method and HttpPost attribute which signifies that the method will accept Http Post requests.

Take StartsWith customer. Name string. IsNullOrEmpty customer. ToList. You will need to import the following namespaces.Setting up a new ASP.

NET MVC project with controllers and views is pretty straightforward, with comprehensive examples on the official site. Once you get your mind wrapped around the Model-View-Controller pattern, working with those areas in the application feels comfortable. AJAX provides the option of updating parts of your web page without reloading the entire page. While this is attractive in some applications, adding AJAX functionality adds an additional layer of complexity that ends up getting some new and old developers stuck.

What follows is a detailed explained of what you need to do to make the AJAX requests work. A simple AJAX-infused app might be something like a to-do list, grocery list, or a list of social media posts. In this application, we need to have a button that the user would press whenever someone uses a curse word. Now that we have our controller, we just need to create an Index view to house our client-side markup and JavaScript.

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Inside the Views folder, Right-click on the SwearJar folder. Run your application to test it out. Otherwise, we would need to do that ourselves, like this:. Clear out the existing Razor markup, and replace it with this. This will be a good way to see how simple data types are used in AJAX controller methods. Then, over in your Index. Action HTML helper. Next, we use jQuery to call the controller method. Run the project, and click on the button.

If you noticed, we made the return type of our method a double. We have no problems returning a variety of data types in the same way, like strings and integers. But look at what happens when we try to return a List of strings:. To make this happen in our controller, we need to make some adjustments to the Action method.

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Notice especially the second parameter in the return line, JsonRequestBehavior. By default, this is set to deny get requests. Then try running the project again and clicking on the button. You should see something similar to this:. Either in the controller file, or in a separate file which is a better practicecreate the following Person class to represent our people.

Next, add the following two controller action methods. The first will create a List of people. This would normally be done with a database.

Change the Razor markup and Javascript in the View to this:. Instinctively, you might have tried something like this:. But this will give you an error. Binding just means that the ASP. NET action can convert form values to variables or objects. So, instead of passing the value in jQuery, you need to create an object with the name of the form value:. You could also use an object as the single parameter in the method signature.

This is really helpful if you already have the class written and are using it elsewhere. The following example is functionally equivalent to the example we just looked at. Notice the HttpPost attribute, as well as the amount parameter in the method signature.Here we will learn query stirng parameters in asp.

Generally query string is one of client side state management techniques in ASP. We mostly use query strings to pass data from one page to another page in asp. In asp. After that you will see new dialog will pop up for selecting your Template and Project type. After naming it just click on OK now new dialog will pop up for selecting template in that Select Basic template, view enginer as Razor and click ok like as shown below.

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After that visual studio will create new project for us based on our configuration that will be like as shown below. To add controller just right click on Controller folder then select Add from list and inside that select controller.

After selecting controller a new dialog will popup with name Add Controller in that give name as " MyHomeController ". After adding controller now let's add parameters to index action method.

This action method has optional parameter ID with 2 other parameter Name and Department. Now let's run application and access URL. Now we completed query string in asp. How to use Querystring Parameters in Asp. Generic; using System. Linq; using System. Web; using System. Net MVC.In asp. Finally it will send response to browser. After that you will see new dialog will pop up for selecting your Template and Project type. After naming it just click on OK now new dialog will pop up for selecting template in that Select Empty template and click ok like as shown below.

After adding template our routing example in asp. For adding controller just Right click on Controller Folder inside that select Add and then select Controller. After selecting Controller a new dialog will popup for asking Controller name and other configuration details. After adding controller our project structure like as shown below.

mvc get with parameters

Here in below snapshot we selected View engine as Razor and we are not going to create a strongly type view that's why we didn't check Create option strongly type view finally click on Add button.

We have completed adding View now let's move towards Understanding Routing Configuration. Generally the Basic Route which is available whenever we create mvc application. Following is default route which is provide by MVC application. We first need to provide Controller name then Action Method name after that any optional parameter. Here is code which is going to execute when we are going to access this above URL.

First thing it will find controller name with Home and then inside that it will find Action Method Name with Index. Here we are trying to send Country and State both as input parameters. For that in RouteConfig. Below is snapshot in debug mode while passing 2 parameters to Action Method. Below is output after passing 2 parameters with Action Method. This is how we can access url routing with or without parameters in asp.

Url Routing in Asp. Route - The route is a just a URL pattern that is mapped to handler. Routing - The ASP. Creating Asp. Net MVC Application we will learn how to create url routing in asp.

Adding Controller in Asp.

Url Routing in Asp.Net MVC Example with Multiple Parameters (Query Strings)

Generic; using System. Linq; using System. Web; using System. Mvc; using System. Topics Covered Url Routing in Asp.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. The parameters dictionary does not contain a valid value of type 'System. Int32' for parameter 'firstItem'. To make a parameter optional its type should either be a reference type or a Nullable type.

I had it working at one point and I decided to try the function without parameters. Finding out that the controller was not persistant I put the parameter back in, now it refuses to recognise the parameter when I call the method. I've tried adding another method that takes an integer to the class it it also fails with the same reason.

I've tried adding one that takes a string, and the string is set to null.

mvc get with parameters

I've tried adding one without parameters and that works fine, but of course it won't suit my needs. To rephrase Jarret Meyer's answeryou need to change the parameter name to 'id' or add a route like this:. The reason is the default route only looks for actions with no parameter or a parameter called 'id'. Headspring created a nice library that allows you to add aliases to your parameters in attributes on the action.

This looks like this:. With this you don't have to alter your routing just to handle a different parameter name. The library also supports applying it multiple times so you can map several parameter spellings handy when refactoring without breaking your public interface. You can get it from Nuget and read Jeffrey Palermo's article on it here.

Action Method Parameters In ASP.NET MVC

There is another way to accomplish that described in more details in Stephen Walther's Pager example. That is. I have to admit, it's quite unusual that string "page" automagically becomes a variable - but that's how MVC works in other languages as well The reason for the special treatment of "id" is that it is added to the default route mapping. To change this, go to Global. Or, you could try changing the parameter type to string, then convert the string to an integer in the method.

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I am new to MVC, but I believe you need nullable objects in your parameter list, how else will the controller indicate that no such parameter was provided?

Learn more. Asked 11 years, 6 months ago. Active 1 year, 1 month ago. Viewed k times.Action methods in Web API controller can have one or more parameters of different types. It can be either primitive type or complex type. Web API binds action method parameters either with URL's query string or with request body depending on the parameter type.

By default, if parameter type is of. NET primitive type such as int, bool, double, string, GUID, DateTime, decimal or any other type that can be converted from string type then it sets the value of a parameter from the query string.

mvc get with parameters

And if the parameter type is complex type then Web API tries to get the value from request body by default. Consider the following example of Get action method that includes single primitive type parameter.

As you can see above Get action method includes id parameter of int type. So, Web API will try to extract the value of id from the query string of requested URL, convert it into int and assign it to id parameter of Get action method. Consider the following example of Get action method with multiple primitive parameters. As you can see above, Get method includes multiple primitive type parameters. It can include request data into HTTP request body and also in query string.

07 How to pass data from client using URL in MVC

As you can see above, Post action method includes primitive type parameters id and name. So, by default, Web API will get values from the query string. The above Post method includes Student type parameter. Post action method can include primitive and complex type parameters. Consider the following example. The above Post method includes both primitive and complex type parameter.

So, by defaultWeb API will get the id parameter from query string and student parameter from the request body. You have seen that by default Web API gets the value of a primitive parameter from the query string and complex type parameter from the request body.

But, what if we want to change this default behaviour? Use [FromUri] attribute to force Web API to get the value of complex type from the query string and [FromBody] attribute to get the value of primitive type from the request body, opposite to the default rules. In the above example, Get method includes complex type parameter with [FromUri] attribute. As you can see above, we have applied [FromUri] attribute with the Student parameter. Web API by default extracts the value of complex type from request body but here we have applied [FromUri] attribute.

So now, Web API will extract the value of Student properties from the query string instead of request body. The same way, apply [FromBody] attribute to get the value of primitive data type from the request body instead of query string, as shown below.

Python ASP. Tutorials Python Sass Https. Skill Tests ASP. Example: Primitive Parameter Binding. Query string parameter name and action method parameter name must be the same case-insensitive.Gururaj Jewargi Updated date, Apr 19 Action Method Parameters.

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We can easily create seperate action methods for each request types. MVC framework provides 3 different action methods for Post Request, which are given below. It is a pre-defined class in syste. It stores the items in key value pairs format only.

Step 2 - Add the controller, as shown below. Step 3 - First is controller example of FormCollection. Using this option, we can get the values easily in the form of pre-defined data types example like int, string etc.

How to use Querystring Parameters in Asp.Net MVC to Retrieve or Send Data

We can easily handle type casting. It will read based on the form input fields name directly. Note - The name of the parameters should be the same as the input field name. Afterwards, it will possible to achieve the formal parameters. Step 5 - Again add another controller, give any name of the controller and paste the code given below into Controller. It is the same as business entities. We have created a seperate class for the objects in model folder. In MVC model, logic is prepared by using the classes, which are based on the database tables.

It requires model class objects. Note - The name of the parameters should be same as the input field name, then only it will possible to achieve formal parameters. Net MVC Action method parameters.


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